About Us


Our Details.

KS International is a leading company established in 2011 A.D. KS International has been at the forefront in bringing the latest and most innovative technologies, surgical instruments, hospital furniture and consumable in medical field to Nepal.

Our organization is focused on satisfying the needs of our customers, helping them by delivering quality products. Our challenge for 2022 A.D. lies in reaffirming our leadership position that we have reached during the last 11 years at the best in the field.

The research of innovative products and the high quality services given to our customers make the basis of the solid platform of our project. Thanks to these, we have achieve a well-structured growth during last years at all company levels as much in terms of turnover, number of employees and new product lines within the medical field.

Our personal motivation consists in offering the best solutions to our customers as our slogan well reflects, what gives meaning to our standards “Safety First”.